UK weather: ‘One last blast of summer’ as temperatures set to top 30C next week | UK News

UK weather: ‘One last blast of summer’ as temperatures set to top 30C next week | UK News

The UK can enjoy “one last blast of summer” next week as temperatures are predicted to soar past 30C (86F).

The mercury could reach 31C (87.8F) in southern England on Tuesday – but parts of Scotland will be hit by torrential downpours that could bring almost a month’s worth of rain in one day.

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond said temperatures will climb to 25C (77F) on Sunday and then 29C (84.2F) by Monday due to “tropical continental air pushing up from a southerly direction in combination with light winds”.

The high temperatures could continue through to Wednesday with the possibility of some thunderstorms.

“It definitely feels like one last blast of summer even though we are, meteorologically speaking, in autumn,” Ms Diamond said.

The burst of hot autumn weather comes after an August heatwave which saw temperatures reach 34C (93.2F) for six days running.

The highest temperature ever recorded in September was 35.6C (96F) on 2 September 1906, but the spike in temperatures next week are unlikely to come close.

Saturday will be sunny across the country, with the evening bringing heavy rain to some parts of western and northwestern Scotland for at least 24 hours.

A yellow weather warning is in place for the region through Saturday and Sunday, with the Met Office warning of floods as 150mm of rainfall is expected.

The average total rain for the region in September is 155.9mm.

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For the rest of the UK, Ms Diamond said the weekend’s weather will be “pretty decent” with “high pressure in charge”.

She added: “We’re looking at a mostly dry weekend away from north-west Scotland with the promise of sunshine.”

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