Scotland earthquake: 2.0-magnitude tremor strikes Dumfries | UK News

Scotland earthquake: 2.0-magnitude tremor strikes Dumfries | UK News

A 2.0-magnitude earthquake with a depth of six miles hit parts of the Southern Uplands in Scotland on Saturday afternoon.

Residents from Dumfries, Kirkpatrick Durham and Thornhill reported “a low rumbling” and “weak shaking”.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the quake took place just before 1pm.

Initial data from the BGS suggested the quake’s depth was six miles and its epicentre was around five miles west of Dumfries.

Considered a low-level quake, it appears to have caused minimal disruption.

Locals on Twitter commented on the quake, with one comparing it to “a noisy tractor” and another joking: “The way this year’s been I’m hoping it’s not Godzilla waking up.”

The BGS are asking locals to help their seismology team by filling out a “felt report” describing their experience of the quake.

Small quakes close to fault lines in the earth are not uncommon in parts of Scotland.

A village in the southern Highlands called Comrie has been nicknamed “Shaky Toun” due to its regular tremors.

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