Premier League pay-per-view plan will see fans have to pay £15 to watch some games in October | UK News

Premier League pay-per-view plan will see fans have to pay £15 to watch some games in October | UK News

Premier League games not selected for broadcast by Sky Sports or BT Sport in October will be made available on a pay-per-view basis.

Fans will have to pay £14.95 to watch games not chosen to be screened in the usual way.

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All fixtures will now be televised, but some supporters are angry about the additional cost.

Since the Premier League resumed in June, all top flight games have been made available through broadcast partners, including some free to air on the BBC.

This was an agreement struck between the Premier League and broadcasters to satisfy fans who were no longer allowed into stadiums and being urged to stay at home.

With the lockout of supporters from stadiums continuing, the Football Supporters Association (FSA) began a campaign to make sure all matches were televised until fans are allowed back.

They welcomed the announcement of this “interim” solution by broadcasters and the Premier League but expressed concern about the cost.

“Today’s announcement shows that fan power works,” the FSA said.

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“At the start of this season the Premier League and its broadcasters had planned to leave match-going fans entirely locked out of their side’s matches; now thanks to the sustained pressure of our #LetUsWatch campaign all games will be available for fans.

“Many Premier League clubs have already taken money from fans for matches they can’t attend, so we urge them to get refunds out to those supporters as soon as possible, particularly season ticket holders.

“We’ve already heard from many supporters and FSA members who are concerned about the £15 per game being charged and we’d urge BT Sport and Sky Sports to reconsider their pricing for these games.”

Sky Sports pundit and former Manchester United defender Gary Neville said that charging fans £14.95 to “for single matches that have been shown for free for six months” was a “really bad move” by the Premier League.

A Premier League spokesperson said: “The Premier League has worked closely with Sky Sports and BT Sport to provide this arrangement and is grateful for their support.

“The agreement will be regularly reviewed in consultation with clubs and in line with any decisions made by government regarding the return of spectators to stadiums.”

The Premier League has lobbied government to allow fans back into stadiums.

Plans to have up to one third of fans back inside grounds in October were shelved as other coronavirus restrictions were introduced.

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But the Premier League and Football League believe there is a safe way to welcome supporters back.

Sky Sports Managing Director Rob Webster said: “Through this exceptionally challenging year we have done everything we can to be the best partner for sport.

“The Premier League has come to this decision with its clubs to provide a service for supporters who are no longer to able attend and to generate matchday revenue.

“We are happy to support them with this interim solution – and we share their desire to get fans back into grounds as soon as it is safe to do so.

“Our Sky subscribers still get more than 140 of the very best matches, while supporters of individual clubs won’t have to miss out on any games during this period.”

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