Madelaine “Mirva” Vallin


How do we make positive change in our lives AND in the world? We need to focus more on what we want and less on what we don’t want. It’s time to stop looking at outside factors to try and solve our problems and go within for answers.

There is a great opportunity right now in the world for positive change. And it’s up to all of us to start taking responsibility in all of life’s matters. We need to start making conscious decisions and become the change we want to see in the world. It’s time to act by promoting the importance of spreading messages of peace, compassion and forgiveness.

Art is one way to spread a message of love across borders. It has the ability to reach people on a deep level and can penetrate beyond speaking words. It opens up an opportunity for the listener or observer to reflect and take in at his own pace and allows the mind to analyse and contemplate or just be swept away in the creativity itself.

As artists have a responsibility now more than ever to be aware of what feelings we spread through our art. We need to make conscious decisions to make music and art that feeds the world love, compassion, joy and peace and frees the world from holding onto anger and hatred.

Writing songs about frustration, anger and sadness only creates more of these feelings in your body. Music used to be like therapy for me, a way to get things out. I felt I had the right to express myself in any way I wanted as it came from my soul and it was what I saw as the truth. At the time, it never occurred to me that putting these energies out into the world made up the ingredients of what I got back into my life. I never knew that if I wanted to start feeling better about myself and the world I had to change the way I was looking at it. When I finally realised this I “lost” my drive to create songs and music, I didn’t know how to create any other way than this. I decided to take a break from it, not knowing if I would ever start writing again.

It wasn’t until 2 years ago I started to play with the idea of another way to make music from a place of love and compassion and aim to send positive energy out into the world.

This new way of life has inspired me to get back into music again. Now, music is how I communicate and deliver positivity. It’s also what makes me happy and what takes me to a place that makes time stand still. It is what makes me feel the most connected to the infinite field of possibilities.

Now, I know there are many many people out there that are creative and amazingly full of ideas and share the same view. I also know that if we would connect all these people we could grow even stronger because collectiveness is an amazing thing!

So join me on the road less travelled!