Is it an omen? Weather conditions at Wembley predicted to be similar to 1966 World Cup final | UK News

Is it an omen? Weather conditions at Wembley predicted to be similar to 1966 World Cup final | UK News

England are set to play Italy on Sunday under the same weather conditions as the 1966 team which won the World Cup, the Met Office has said.

Meteorologists are predicting temperatures of around 20C (68F) with a showery outlook which was the case for Wembley Stadium on the day of the final 55 years ago.

In what could be an omen for Gareth Southgate‘s squad ahead of the Euro 2020 final, the similar weather comes despite the fact average temperatures have risen markedly over the past half a century due to climate change.

1966 England team. Pic: AP
The victorious England team in 1966. Pic: AP

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “I can tell you that on 30 July 1966, the weather was very similar to what is forecast for Sunday.

“It reached around 20C and there were a few showers around.”

Mr Dewhurst said this follows a weekend of patchy rain for much of the nation.

Before the Euro 2020 showdown on Sunday evening, a yellow weather warning is in place and rain is expected in the South East on Friday night before lighter showers in the following days.

There will be a North-South divide on Saturday, according to Mr Dewhurst, with warmer temperatures in Scotland and northern England than in the Midlands and further south.

But the North could see thunderstorms, with Mr Dewhurst adding: “It’s going to be a mixed weekend for the vast majority of us.

“There’s going to be a north-south split on Saturday – the North will see sunny spells and heavy showers which could contain thunderstorms, with maximum temperatures of 22C (71.6F).

“The South will see cloudy weather with patchy rain, and maximum temperatures of 20C.”

He also warned football fans watching the match at Wembley and in Trafalgar Square to prepare for a risk of rain showers.

“We have got a bright start across much of the UK, but we’ll see outbreaks of rain developing across Wales and south-west England on Sunday morning,” he added.

“This rain will move eastwards – probably reaching the London area at around 7pm or 8pm.”

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