Edmonton police station evacuated after car crashes into office and man sets fire to road | UK News

Edmonton police station evacuated after car crashes into office and man sets fire to road | UK News

A London police station has been evacuated after a car crashed into the front of the building and its driver set fire to the road nearby.

Police said a car “collided with the station office” in Edmonton at 6.58pm and that a man had been detained.

“The vehicle remains at the scene,” said a statement.

“Specialist officers are in attendance while it is examined. At this stage we have not been informed of any injuries.

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Man pours liquid and sets fire to road in Edmonton

“London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade are present.

“The police station has been evacuated and a large police cordon is in place.”

Video shows a man leaving the car, walking a short distance and pouring liquid on a busy road before setting it alight.

He is quickly bundled to the floor and detained by police.

Another video shows the police car pull up, with officers shouting “stay back” as they pin the suspect to the pavement.

One officer rushes to get a fire extinguisher from the car and puts out the fire.

Sky’s home affairs correspondent Mark White said the man appeared to be revving the crashed car before he got out and walked into the road.

He said: “There is a real concern this may have been a deliberate incident…

“Nothing official to suggest that is the line of investigation at the moment, but of course in the last week we have gone up to a threat level of severe following terror attacks in France and Austria.”

Ogur Mazlum, 34, works nearby and witnessed the the car hitting the police station.

He said the suspect had crashed through the glass but was unable to get through a second barrier.

His wife Serife described what he saw – as Mr Mazlum speaks limited English.

Police arrest a man after he crashed his vehicle into Edmonton Police Station
Police detained the man and extinguished the flames

“He was insisting on trying to get inside, but the glass door wouldn’t break anymore so he couldn’t get any closer,” she told PA.

“Then he casually got out of the car with a tank of petrol. He poured it down from the car into the middle of the road and then he just set it on fire.”

Mrs Mazlum said another man ran across the street to intervene after the suspect started the fire.

“He pinned (the driver) to the ground just as the police were arriving,” she said.

“So by the time the police came and got out of the cars, the citizen had already slammed him to the ground.”

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