Coronavirus: UK reports third highest number of daily COVID-19 cases ever | UK News

Coronavirus: UK reports third highest number of daily COVID-19 cases ever | UK News

The UK has reported 6,178 new coronavirus cases – the highest daily total in four months. 

There have only been two days since the pandemic began which have exceeded this total – 1 May, when there were 6,201 confirmed cases and 5 April, when there were 6,199.

Sky’s science correspondent Thomas Moore said: “Far greater testing is detecting more cases now than in the spring, but the spike will underline the urgency of action to stem a second wave.”

Live updates on coronavirus from UK and around the world

The UK’s positivity rate – the ratio of positive tests to number of tests overall – is now at 2.51%, compared with below 1% for most of July and early August.

This is edging towards the World Health Organisation’s recommended level of below 5% and suggests that the number of infections is growing.

However, we are still nowhere near a realistic comparison to the peak of April and May, when Imperial College researchers have suggested there were more than 100,000 new infections a day.

Many of these cases would have been missed at the time as more consistent community testing began in May.

The country reported 4,926 daily confirmed cases on Tuesday.

A further 37 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for COVID-19 as of Wednesday, bringing the UK’s total death toll to 41,862.

Hospital admissions are also rising, with 1,469 COVID-19 patients in hospital on Wednesday compared with 1,319 on Tuesday.

Mr Moore added: “It takes around 10 days from developing symptoms to needing hospital care and many scientists fear the surge in cases will lead to increasing pressure on hospitals in early October.”

Boris Johnson addresses the nation

‘We’ll get through this winter together’

It follows a stark warning from the prime minister on Tuesday as he revealed new restrictions for England.

In a televised address to the nation, he announced a curfew for pubs and restaurants, further face mask restrictions, tougher rules for weddings and encouraged office staff to work from home.

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