Andrew Harper death: One of PC’s killers launches bid to appeal against sentence | UK News

Andrew Harper death: One of PC’s killers launches bid to appeal against sentence | UK News

One of the three teenagers jailed for killing PC Andrew Harper has launched a bid to appeal against his 16-year sentence.

Henry Long, 19, admitted the manslaughter of PC Harper, who was dragged to his death behind a car while attempting to prevent the theft of a quad bike in Berkshire last August.

PC Harper had only been married four weeks when he was killed

Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, were found guilty of manslaughter and have lodged applications with the Court of Appeal seeking permission to challenge their convictions and their 13-year prison sentences.

Long has now applied for permission to appeal his sentence, a Judiciary spokesman has confirmed.

The prison sentences given to all three have already been referred to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney General for judges to decide whether they were too lenient.

All three teenagers were acquitted of murder during a trial at the Old Bailey but were sentenced for the lesser charge of manslaughter after PC Harper got caught in a crane strap attached to the back of a car driven by Long, and was dragged to his death along dark country lanes.

Meanwhile, PC Harper’s widow has criticised the reported £465,000 in legal aid spent on defending his killers.

More from Pc Andrew Harper

Lissie Harper, 29, said she was saddened but not surprised that “so much public money has been and continues to be spent on defending the indefensible”, after the figure was reported by the Daily Mail.

His widow Lissie is campaigning for Harper’s Law

In a statement, she said: “Andrew was my whole life.

“This just doesn’t seem right or fair. Not only did we not get justice for Andrew, we now know the cost of that injustice.

“It’s news such as this that makes me more determined than ever to keep on fighting for Harper’s Law, which would mean these despicable criminals are jailed for life.

Lissie Harper is calling for a meeting with the home secretary to discuss Harper's Law

Lissie Harper wants anyone convicted of killing an emergency services worker to be sentenced to life in prison.

“Our petition calling for this now has more than 500,000 signatures. I am sure the public – whose support for me has been unstinting – will be as horrified as I am to know how much money is going towards paying this trio’s escalating legal costs.”

Mrs Harper is campaigning for Harper’s Law, which would mean those who kill emergency workers are jailed for life.

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